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Yakubu Again


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From BBC Rumours section

Everton have warned £11.25m record buy Yakubu to work harder or stay on the sidelines. (Various)



Well thats just Bloody Great isnt it, you buy someone to score goals, and, ok he hasnt scored in his last 3 games, but has he really had a chance made for him? No. So we want him to create his own chances now. PERFECT! because hard work is the only Solution to all the challenges on the football pitch isnt it?


I do wonder, if moyes know's who he bought. This isnt another Lord Lucan Situation is it?

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He'll be a lazy waste of space if we persist with this long ball game or we can allow him to goal hang, give it to his feet & get 20 goals off him. Seems a no brainer to me!


We all know what type of player he is now we can do what we did to Beattie & Johnson forcing them to change their game or we can accept that cirtain players play best in cirtain positions and become great. With a driving force in the midfield, Yakubu getting the ball to feet on the edge of the box & AJ on the shoulder of the last defender we will be scoring for fun. Pitty Moyes doesnt want to play like that and is determined to make AJ run into the corners & Yakubu accept long balls!!

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On the very few times I've seen him with the ball at his feet he looks very able to make things happen. We need to do this more. Against notloB he seemed to drop deeper and looked more of a threat there. I don't know how many times I've shouted from the stands "KEEP IT ON THE DECK"! The long ball is not for him at all.

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