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Bottom Half


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Oh well!......Did you really expect Everton with it's smallish squad, injuries to Cahill, Vaughan and new recruite Gravesen, cup runs in domestic compotitions and long haul european games to be top 5/6 this season?


Best players fit, and not in long cup runs and I'd say we have a squad capable of 4/6....but I'm afraid I can't see us being strong enough to compete on all fronts...not with injuries, small squad, loads of games a new big money striker finding it hard to get going.


If you want to have a good run in Europe, have a couple of domestic cup runs and suffer as does everybody else with injuries....then you may have to accept that to get back into Europe next year will probably be requiring a major push ie 7th place!!


BUT!!.....Perhaps it's not great at the moment but we are only 3 points behind mega spenders Luckypool!


With cheif tormentor Cahill, the very promising Vaughan and mad Tommy to come we will be closer to the top than the bottom....and could maybe be good in the cups...

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Its not good enough, Europe or not. The manager continues to get it wrong, apart from 30mins against Spurs, our football has been crap. We can not continue to play with players out of position; one play maker throughout the squad. This summers signings have been questionable so far, Yakubu and Jags dont look the part, Baines is decent. Were conceding, yet still failing to create goals, this season we will be good to finish mid-table. Teams like City are far better than us, dont let your blue tinted glasses fool you.

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A bottom half position iz a posibility after everton recent defending problems unless they buy a new centr defender. oh wait they cnt afford any decent defender over 8 mill

We dont need a central defender we need a good defensive midfielder to give them some help! Hibbo Yobo Lescott Baines << There all good defenders, teams like Newcastle are very good on the brake and when we lost the ball they took advantage. Neville should be ashamed to be the captain of this club he's a fucking joke and I wont rest untill he fucks off out the team! once we have a fully fit squad are team will slowly improve.

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I wouldnt be meesin wif the back 4 or 5 ( Stubbs) Though a few rockets may need to be fired in the But direction of a couple whom shall 4 now remain nameless :)



I'd certainly replace Hibbert, despite a good display against Boro. Neville has to go back to RB, his rightful position. This all reminds me the of Walter Smith days, failure to solve a problem, meaning players out of position. Its just doesnt work.

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