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  1. Very true, but today’s game revealed clearly why he should not be permanent manager. Not being ungrateful, just pragmatic.
  2. This appointment would be a real coup: experience of the Prem, has won leagues and cups, earned the respect of footballing legends. I have no issue with the fee being quoted: Managers should be earning more than team members. This is the first appointment since Martinez about which I've been genuinely excited.
  3. Not meaning to sound unduly negative, but the same could be said about Pellegrini. Many factors would be at play.
  4. Games are won and lost in midfield, and that midfield was called Tom Davies. He showed grit and determination even while sensibly avoiding a red card.
  5. Not handled it the best? There's a distinct possibility that he just ruined the short-term career of one of our brighter prospects. It was an idiotic thing to do. It's OK to show you're in charge but not in a way that humiliates others in view of an entire stadium and millions of viewers. Does he want to be "a man"? Then go apologize, immediately, in front of the cameras.
  6. When you're desperately short of midfielders, you have to take risk. This one paid off, thank goodness. I'm not sure that it should happen again, though.
  7. #StandWithOzil Let's not let money or politics dictate when players can protest discrimination or fight oppression. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/50799009
  8. But passion can carry you only so far. As a short-term shot in the arm, it’s great. For long-term success, though, it alone doesn’t get you very far.
  9. Kean is in the news because he's being chased by a couple of clubs and not playing for us right now. Kean is the future; Ibrahimovic is the past. While the former may benefit from the former's experience, I see no other reason to bring in someone like this. Another Eto'o scenario?
  10. While I fear the same, successive wins over Chelsea and United ought to seal him the position until January. We can revisit at that time based on how the holiday season pans out. If we continue to win, then give him the balance of the season. If it's true that we have someone lined up at the end of the season, it would fit with Brands' plans. There's no need to rush: Take it step by step.
  11. I'm going way out on a limb with my prediction this week... United 3-3 Everton Sigurdsson
  12. Shukes scored a 10-pointer this round. Plaidharper would have done if he'd chosen the first scorer, and Wiggytop would have done if he'd predicted one more goal for Everton. Good predictions overall this week. For the long month of December, sibdane holds a 2-point lead. For the season, it's now a tie for first place between Aidan and Bailey, although Bailey is the sole leader per prediction. Onward and upward!
  13. If Gallardo is staying where he is and Ancelotti is going to Arsenal, the field of decent candidates is dwindling already. Of course, we only need one, so a field of one is good enough if it's the right person, but I'm getting nervous that Moyes is the one constant among the names mentioned.
  14. That scares me, to be honest. Allardyce again? Pulis? Moyes again? Pardew? If I were a betting man based on what I see right now, I'd say Gallardo will get the job - which would be a huge risk. We need someone who gets the team, who has Prem experience, and who has real ambition. Not many meet those criteria.
  15. Which is good, because he shouldn't get it permanently. One swallow does not a summer make. All credit to him for Saturday's performance, but we need a quality manager.
  16. This rather spoils the euphoria of Saturday's win. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/50708258
  17. I’d say today’s game is what great English football is all about.
  18. If humiliation was the defining word in the derby, passion is the defining word today. You don’t win each week on passion only, but it is enough to bring back some belief.
  19. Arteta in charge with Cahill in support, as suggested by Sibdane, still gets my vote.
  20. It was close to midnight and my mind was frazzled. VAR reviewed it and said to award to a top four team. So dunlapp wins congrats for being in second. Plaidharper can complain to the media that another in the top four objected.
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