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  1. It's a risky move. I like Seamus and I'm sure he'll recover but there's no room for sentiment, especially if we have Champions League ambition. A deal of three years would have been more than enough.
  2. Had to be Ross, if only for two headed goalline clearances.
  3. It's like a cup tie. Great stuff. I'd predict a 5-4 score to us.
  4. I didn't think Ross was good in the second half. Focus was on defence a lot of the time and I thought Baines was good.
  5. It's good that he's rehabilitated himself somewhat because some of the criticism he was getting was cruel.
  6. I'd keep the side from last week but have Lookman up front instead of Barry.
  7. Coleman worked hard on Sunday as he always does. The final ball was lacking but compared to Baines he was twice as good.
  8. I have just joined this forum and look forward to some sensible discussions about the Toffees. Thanks for having me!
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