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  1. Bluemineck

    Brighton and Hove Albion (Home) Saturday November 3rd

    Zouma cannot play against Chelsea. That game is too big to be Mina’s debut. He needs a run out alongside Keane this week.
  2. Bluemineck

    Burnley (Away) Saturday March 3rd

    Allardyce should delay naming his team then if he’s concerned by it. It’s not rocket science.
  3. Bluemineck

    Arsenal (Away) Saturday February 3rd

    Just waiting for them to catch us on the break and then it will all fall apart again!
  4. Bluemineck

    Arsenal (Away) Saturday February 3rd

    Who amongst us is surprised? We all knew this selection was ridiculous yet fat arrogant Sam did it anyway. Surely we can pay him off now. Who the hell bought Tosun if Sam doesn’t fancy him? And who the hell bought Mangala? Who is supposed to be the leader in this team? This season is a complete write off now so start the rebuild with a real manager now. Seriously, get shut tonight.
  5. Bluemineck

    Marco Silva

    I wasn’t expecting that this morning despite what I said above. im genuinely excited. Come on Bill, you know it makes sense!
  6. Bluemineck

    Marco Silva

    Marco Silva is potentially facing the sack at Watford. funny old game eh! Just shows doesn’t it, if he’d walked out for everton he would have been condemned by Watford’s board, fans and football in general and yet now they’ll fire him without a second thought if they want to!! You never know how things are going to turn out (except Moyes at United obviously) so whatever stick comes your way you might as well do what you think is right and take it. On that basis Mr’s Moshiri and Kenwright you know what has to be done. Do it. Fat Sam should go, it isn’t working. There was a slight false dawn but look at us now, no better and arguably worse. At least the points that we dropped early season were against good teams. We had our first shot on target in 2018 yesterday. I said I was reserving judgement and I was but I’ve seen enough. Tara Sam, here’s your money. “hello. . . Is that Marco” 📞
  7. Bluemineck

    Chelsea (Home) Saturday December 23rd

    I’m not Rooney’s biggest fan. Didn’t really want him back. Think he’s had some stinkers. So why am I gutted that he isn’t playing today. Going to have to lie down and have a serious word with myself!
  8. Bluemineck

    Who should replace Koeman?

    I’ve listened to Allardyce a few times recently on Talksport and thought he talked a lot of sense and came across really well and I even changed my opinion of him a little bit. HOWEVER, that was before I ever imagined that he could possibly be the future Everton manager. I can’t believe what we have been reduced to, that after all the preseason optimism with the new investment, signings, new stadium plans etc. we are now signing the type of manager that we would have signed 10-15 year’s ago. A firefighter. A mercenary. A safety first never won anything, never will man. I just hope it’s temporary (end of season) or if he insists on a longer contract that Moshiri is already budgeting in, the cost of sacking him in the Summer when Silva or the likes is available and we can get this whole damn mess back on track.
  9. Bluemineck

    Southampton (Away) Sunday November 26th

    It will be a long list!
  10. Bluemineck

    Southampton (Away) Sunday November 26th

    If I were Unsworth, at the end of the game I’d send Kenny and the two subs out of the dressing room, lock the door, and then absolutely verbally obliterate the rest of them. Then probably go and see Kenwright and say, ”sorry, I gave it my best shot but I can’t do anything with this bunch of wasters”
  11. Bluemineck

    Southampton (Away) Sunday November 26th

    That would be a suicidal move
  12. Bluemineck

    Who should replace Koeman?

    Been thinking this myself. Have to insert get out clauses in their contract I guess. The equally big problem is how much clubs are going to ask for players knowing that we are desperate!
  13. Bluemineck

    Gylfi Sigurðsson

    Still Believe Gylfi will come good and possibly Keane with Mori beside him. Klassen will not. Undecided on Sandro.
  14. Bluemineck

    Who should replace Koeman?

    I’d take Rafa and could forgive his previous associations if he were to see the blue light. Don’t think he’d do it though and wouldn’t totally surprise me if he ends up across the park again sometime. Can’t argue that he’s a very good manager though.
  15. Bluemineck

    Ronald Koeman

    It will be Unsworth for now and I think he’ll do well. Temporarily. Still need a permanent appointment New Year or Summer.