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  1. Thank you ever so much, raising a glass of red wine is a welcome and kind gesture ( hope it was blue nun) even though I have been on several adventures, some taking me to places where I have no access to tv and radio, my first thoughts upon rejoining civilisation is how are Everton progressing brought up with the likes of Latchford, Mackenzie, King, Goodlass, Thomas I have enjoyed what it means to be a blue. Yet again I look forward to the coming season and hopefully if my liver doesn’t pack up. Enjoying the conversation and banter that great forums of likeminded Everton fans bring
  2. Many thanks, it has been a while since I was in a position to support my team. Used to be a regular on the fan wall on the Everton website but how long has that been closed???? like most I am hoping the new season will bring us greater levels of success but being realistic we need some good signings and a good season i raise my fine single malt to you sir and to the team
  3. Good evening to all you true blue good people. I have been away for a long time and I am now looking to get back into interesting and mutual support for our great club. I was last on the Everton Fan wall, but that appears to be closed and never opening again. Great fans like Wilco, Al and others. My name is Pippy and would be extremely happy to find good conversation, open honest and friendly, about all things Everton. A pointer to other great fan sites would also be welcomed too Many thanks
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