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  1. Sorry it was all Digne at fault and Davies did no wrong, never does by most accounts Now where did I put that LSD.....
  2. I'll reiterate once people stop making excuses for the lad the better.... Digne played us into trouble also but to say Davies doesn't play himself into trouble is bewildering, the lad undoes what good he does do with ridiculous short passes or to the opposition He does show for the ball granted but it means nothing if your not productive with it
  3. I very much doubt Barry would have made up for Davies's short falls, as much as I rated Barry those two together would have been one of the slowest central pairings in the history of mankind! 9 minutes 3 fouls and failed to clear the ball, the lad isn't good enough the sooner people stop making excuses for the lad the better Plays himself and us into trouble nearly every game
  4. Very good player imo In his run up to leaving the shite when playing slightly more often he looked a player, I even thought why are they letting this guy go. Not sure if it was him personally wanting out for more game time etc but I'd take him here pending his fitness 26 in his prime technical athletic and can carry the ball, pretty much what we massively lack now
  5. Did I say or suggest that!? Simple facts are more people regardless of where they came from put more strain on the NHS I'm sure there's factual figures out there re immigrants but it's not something I can be arsed digging into as it's not about background it's simply about numbers to me When I'm saying that it includes increasing birth rates and population as a whole, let's not misconstrue what's being said into some daft race debate I do agree Bailey it's ran piss poorly but I do think funding is massively under what's required, but do agree it needs to be spread and used much better
  6. In theory what your saying RPG is right the numbers don't lie but I massively disagree with funding Regardless of "extra funds" it's a moot point if those added funds don't cover the already massive deficit in operating costs It's like putting 20p in a vending machine for a brew and it costs 25p, you'll just be stood there like a cock waiting for something to happen when it never will..... Until Trump comes along to add 5p and walks away with your cupper whilst your stood there out of pocket and left still wanting
  7. He's one of the best keepers in this league bar two or three sides he would walk into the rest He makes daft mistakes but his positives far outweigh his negatives, he needs to settle down and not rush things as much which for me is his main problem Maybe a world class coach with hopefully better players Infront of him soon will help...... Definitely one to keep hold of
  8. He clearly has the ability he just needs time to settle Coming into a disjointed side currently in transition whilst trying to adapt to a new country and league won't be easy I do see a fair few of the people who defend Davies don't put the same emphasis on Kean when he's clearly got far more ability and is two years younger 🙄
  9. He didn't close him down re watch it if you like Obviously errors led upto it as they always do but the one letting him get the shot of was Davies
  10. Upper arm blatantly used in the area yet nothing given yet again Should have had at least two penalties
  11. That was Davies he didn't close him down hence why Pickford was screaming at him, as it was for the one you mentioned Holgate in
  12. He's a modern day forward not a striker In a similar vein to Sterling Mane and co, he's been played there purely because our squad is shite and lacking options imo
  13. Pickford SIdibe Holgate Mina Digne Morgan/Davies Bernard Sigurdsson Richarlison Kean DCL
  14. Centrally Schneiderlin - Doesnt offer anything really, a shadow of the player who could turn the ball over so effectively Delph - A piss poor man's Barry, not good enough Davies - Odd moments of decency to then be undone by utter shite passes and decisions, not and won't ever be good enough as a starter imo Sigurdsson - I've never classed him as a central midfielder as such more of a number 10, he's statistically great but just seems to float through games Gomes - Baaaaadly missed!!! Gbamin - Jury's still out obviously due to lack of playing time Overall that's a pretty piss poor set of players to rely on imo bar Gomes and possibly Gbamin, personally I'd like to see the back of them all bar Davies purely due to low wages and being a squad player Until the summer window Carlo is severely limited with how he can set this side up without including such players
  15. Best of luck to him and I hope he does well and secures the move and us some money Always put a shift in and wanted to play just a little too limited here, he'll go to the top of the pile at Palace
  16. Presumably in reference to the Cantwell Maddison shout Steve, just that eloquently put it's gone over a few heads 😂 If so only time will tell but I think he will
  17. He plays through the middle, the comparison to Maddison is spot on imo This lads already a great little player and will only get better, bear in mind this is only his second season in the first team
  18. Cantwell is a very good shout He will be another Maddison who we missed a trick with massively I'd like us to test Palace's resolve again for Zaha, if rumours are true they want Cenk then make the deal now for the end of the season as they won't let him go now imo I rate Mings as well so depending on how Villa fair this season he would definitely be one I'd like us to look at, has very similar attributes to Van Dijk albeit a poorer version (not a bad thing tbh) It's impossible to tell if Carlo will approach anyone in this league as I'm sure he will have his mind set on players in the foreign market
  19. "Like I said before Lookman is not far off zahas ability" Not far off = lesser but similar Lookman had been given ample opportunities to prove his worth and bar the very odd flash we never saw any consistency from him, something which multiple managers would have seen in training etc Iwobi will prove to be a good singing especially for the money considering the market and buying from essentially a possible rival/English club
  20. Lookman similar ability to Zaha....Jesus Christ 🤯 Iwobi is a better player than Lookman and has more in his locker
  21. I must admit I was rash to get miffed by it yesterday male PMT when it's nearing deadline day I think I had my hopes on Zaha and when we got linked to Smalling I couldn't bare it 🤯 Fresh head if it comes off I'll be happy with him, had a good nosey at him more today and if he can be a little more consistent he'll be a good buy
  22. The model looks 👌 https://meisstudio.com/blog/2019/8/7/everton-fc-bramley-moore-dock-stadium
  23. Morgan Sanson https://mobile.twitter.com/FourthOfficial_/status/1159179447834152961
  24. Iwobi Smalling.... what the fucks going on We're going to end up having our pants pulled down now by clubs thinking/knowing we're panicking after missing out and making massive bids for other players Hope it's all a smokescreen to make Steve Parish put his massive bag of cocaine down and see sense
  25. Please Marcel do not undo the cult hero godhood status you have built in such a short time by bringing this useless cunt in
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