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  1. wouldn't mind him could be good to bring off the bench if we are finding it difficult to break down teams plus can't see us losing much for sell on value off him
  2. everton squad numbers on the web site yobo yak and rodwell all been removed from the squad list. only think rodwell has been left off so he can have yobos squad number though
  3. swp off to the trotters possibly we are still looking for some creativity so why not have a bash?
  4. it was a wind up by bam and his mum
  5. Think a trip to devon is in order for this gig. do we know if it is sold out yet
  6. I don't know anyone who would want or need wes brown
  7. I think he personally has the right mentality and personality to be a really good manager. level head passionate and loves the game I would love him as a possible replacement for moyes when he retires myself
  8. I remember when this thread started with a convo about oasis love the fact this is still going my first post was page 10 love it
  9. striker all the way we don't put enough chances away for me
  10. this rumour can jog right on wouldn't have him at all plus he is a hot head as well Ryan giggs once said earl barrett was one of the best right backs he has ever faced pmsl
  11. JH was done and SSN said they spoke to BK and he said he was still trying to bring someone in so just wait and see now
  12. the blue half of manc land were trying to off load petrov as part of a swap for bentley so he is surplus to requirements so poss him or bentley?????
  13. Rods hopefully will be young player of the season so very much doubt he will be goin out on loan with our paper thin squad anyway
  14. myself i would say we have the passion to move on but just not the money. yes we need a bigger backer but how long have we said this for now DM is always headin to the red half of the manchester when AF hangs his boots up, an we've know this for some time unless we can challnge and coming back round in a circle we will never challenge unless we have a bit of backing (i'm not saying man city backing but enough to let DM pick up players for 15 mil that he wants every season without gettin rid ie johson to bring some1 else in). we have stabilty almost now we need to move on but it wont happen under BK. money is the route of all evil (we all hate the manc's chelski and the horrible across the park) some1 said if we could carry on and win things in the future i think no one would begrudge us it but this is footbal today you need a roman or a shiek to get you there. but i hope i'm wrong and no 1 will (buy) get DM and we will progress like we are on go on but the big concern for me is not losin lescott not losin arteta but DM himselfthe passion is there the backing tries to be there but how much longer can we string it out. ps sorry about te mission statement lol
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