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Liverpool Council Leader: I Want A Goodison Redevelopment

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Warren Bradley has again stated he'd like to see Goodison park redeveloped but the club are not interested in talks. He said a shared stadium is also on the agenda and that they are planning to oppose Destination Kirkby.


LIVERPOOL council leader Warren Bradley last night revealed he is still working on a plan for a joint stadium for Liverpool and Everton football clubs in the city.


The Lib-Dem leader’s revelation came after opposition Labour leader Joe Anderson urged the ruling group to make a last-ditch effort to stop Everton going to Kirkby by enabling the redevelopment of Goodison Park.


Last night, Cllr Bradley said: “I’d back the redevelopment of Goodison first and foremost as an Everton season ticket holder, but you can’t unless Everton make a commitment.


“If they want to come to the table, we’re always ready and willing.


“I’ve also been working behind the scenes on a joint Liverpool and Everton stadium. I’ve talked to the sports minister and to the NWDA and I’ve spoken to Bill Kenwright.


“We’re also opposing the Kirkby bid on planning grounds.”


Liverpool FC has planning permission for a new 61,000 stadium in Stanley Park but no work has started yet.


Fans have strongly opposed any joint stadium proposals.


Knowsley Council had hoped changes to the planned £400m joint Tesco/Everton development in Kirkby – including reducing the retail element by around 25% – would stop Liverpool Council object- ing to the project, but it seems that has been unsuccessful.


The more objections filed, the more likely it is that a time- consuming and possibly fatal “call-in” for government scrutiny will materialise.


Joe Anderson made his call for Liverpool to fight harder to keep Everton in the city as Knowsley planners prepare to assess the club’s Kirkby plans.


A report circulated to planning members suggests that the application could be seen in the early part of June.


The planning agenda for May 29 outlines a proposed change in procedure as a one-off mea- sure to accommodate the vast levels of interest in the plans.


The agenda sets out that anyone wishing to speak in the planning debate must give a response by June 5: “The planning committee will meet shortly after that deadline to examine the proposals.”


But Cllr Anderson believes extending the footprint of Goodison Park is a viable alternative to relocation to Knowsley.


He said: “Liverpool Council owns some of the land surrounding Goodison Park and so we should be trying to negotiate with Everton about what can be done there.


“It’s a crazy situation. The city council is sitting back and letting a multi-million pound business move away from the city and not doing anything about it.


“Historically, this club has always been in the heart of Liverpool and my true belief is that this council should be negotiating with Everton Football Club to achieve a status to keep the club in the city.


“Everton needs a Plan B and we should be talking to them about that now.”


But Everton FC spokesman Ian Ross last night said the city had not come up with a viable alternative.


“We’ve always been open to approaches and negotiations with Liverpool City Council.: “Unfortu- nately (the city) have been unable to put anything to us that in any way matches the current proposed Kirkby project.


“A wide variety of people have suggested the city council should come forward with a plan for us to look at but the simple truth is that they haven’t.”


The Destination Kirkby plans have proven so unpopular that 1,186 people have signed a Downing Street petition demanding the club’s planning application be called in by the Government.


A total of 1,186 people have backed the submission attacks the proposals for breaking with Knowsley’s Unitary Development Plan.


However anti-stadium campaigners narrowly failed to win any seat at the recent local elections.

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shared stadium is still a big no from me but i still love the design done years back under the dark silth lord johnson. and i know i say this everytime but it was brilliant with the tower in one corner if they are sayin now they would think of redevelopment then i would say bring that idea back on the table.

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Picked up by the Nationals.....




This reports basically suggests LCC will object to any move by Everton..........anywhere.... They wont provide a suitable alternative site that is of EFC liking and they wont ever... because we all know who their number 1 is... the SHITE...


basically saying..."we (LCC) own land around Goodison, so its up to EFC" dont talk rubbish................. they could have done something about it earlier then.....


Im for a move away from Goodison but if you read Warren Bradleys full press release he just makes comments about all of the arguments against a move ie Everton need a plan B


Whatever your thoughts... for or agaisnt a move... just remeber LCC & Warren Bradley are playing a game...


Final Agenda....... Shared ground....... political nonsense.............


and hopefully you will recognise that LCC do NOT have EFC's best interest at heart... NOT AT ALL


were just a meal ticket for them getting their number 1 team a ground they can eventually build......



LCC wan*$%s

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I think I know the one your speaking of and it was a fan design, as far as I know Peter Johnson wanted to relocate to Kirkby Golf Course.


johnsons plan was to rotate 90*, so gwladys would be a side and bullens an end. thatw why he bought the school

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I wondered how long it would take the city council to notice how much revenue they stand to lose when Everton relocate to Knowsley. A tidy sum I hazard to guess, tough on them if you ask me. They say you never know what you've got till its gone.


I had always been in favour of a shared stadium purely on environmental grounds, one stadium equals less concrete than two. Environmental issues far outweigh any personal doubts I may have about sharing sacred turf with the shite. The environment should always come first, no matter what. Sadly that is never the case and it all comes down to pounds and pence at the end of the day.


Expect this to rumble on as Liverpool City councils accountants start planning future ventures without the extra revenue Goodison provides.

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He's a bit late with the news to be fair..


We've known for months !


Interesting that the way Goodison Park could be redeveloped isn't the way he was "hoping".

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If, and at the time of writing this, it looks like the Kirkby move is a deffo, IF Goodison gets re-developed then where will Everton play home games while the work is carried out?


I suspect thet a redevelopment will be an excuse to ground share anyway and they can then say you may as well stay there and sell Goodison anyway.


However latest news seems to suggest that Kirkby Town FC is about to be renamed Everton.


Oops am I being sarcastic there?

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