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Would You Be Happy If Everton Sold Cahill And Arteta In 2012? What For?

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Hey guys. Great to see the team in 6th position. Im hoping for top 4 this year.


I had a debate with my friend the other day. Because as you all know Arteta and Cahill signed until 2011 or 2012.


And we were wondering, would you be happy if the club sold them? And what price would we be looking for on each?


So we can bring in some other young prodigies. E.G Fellaini.


Im unsure. I love seeing these two play for the club. But if it can bring in 6 new talents. Why not?

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Guest efctaxi

I'm hoping by the time 2012 comes , we won't have to give them a second thought , as our team will be strong enough to win the title in our new stadium .

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Sorry guys. I totally stuffed this up. You guys are right if we sell them in 2011 or 12 its free cause contracts are up.


But if we had to sell them at the end of this season. All hyperthetical.


What would we be looking at?


The way fellaini has done, has got me thinking on this stuff.

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