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Managers In English Football

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reading about chris coleman returning to coventry I was reminded about something I wrote when keegan returned to newcastle last month:


"also don't understand how so many crap managers continue to circulate around the premiership. fair enough, some of them yo-yo between prem and championship, but so often you can just see these crap signings coming and know what the result will be within 6-12 months.


rubbish like john gregory, david o'leary, stuart pearce, bryan robson, glen hoddle, gareth southgate and chris coleman will always be popping up and having 1-2 year spells before either getting sacked or getting relegated and THEN getting sacked."


since then, robson got the sack and coleman returned! the exact roundabout, "piss off and we'll see you somewhere else soon" scenario. dunno how things went with coleman at real sociedad but here he is again to keep coventry in the middle of the championship while "aiming for the premier league".


out of interest who are your top 3/bottom 3 premiership managers?


top 3


1 - fergie

2 - wenger

3 - redknapp


bottom 3


1 - southgate

2 - bruce

3 - keegan

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Wenger.... selection of players has been top class, does'nt pay a lot for them either.


Moyes... Imagine Davey with the amount of money Fergy has spent.






Jewell. .......went down in my estimation when he accepted a job where he new he was going into the Championship, must have been very desperate.

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Ferguson and Wenger are clearly the class of the field - the second tier includes Hughes, Moyes, O'Neill, and Redknapp, and you can make a case for any of those four as being third-best


At the other end, the four who graded out lowest to me were Bruce, Coppell, Hodgson, and Megson. Pick any three of the four that you want - they're almost interchangeable anyway.


I disqualified six from consideration. Southgate and Keane both have less than two full seasons as managers and are still very much works-in-progress, so I'm not ready to label them successes or failures yet. Grant, McLeish, Eriksson, and Ramos are proven winners in other leagues but are still getting their feet wet in the EPL.

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