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BoB Latchford...WOW.....!!!


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Have got me hands on some photos form Latches new book ( from the 30 season), am happy to upload & share here but am unsure of Bandwith constraints limit's etc ( Dont wanna slow us up etc).


Theyre 800x600 & about 90-100kb each.


So if on or anyone can advise thad be great, if not anyone whod like them ill email 2 etc.


ill post 1 sample with this post.



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Here's the options people..the Man City team that day was...


Corrigan, Clements, Donachie, Owen, Watson, Booth, Barnes, Power, Kidd, Hartford, Tueart with Joe Royle as sub.


I still think it has to be Kidd, just because it looks completely unlike any of the others.

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