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Will Beating Liege Kickstart Our Season?


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I know we are all a bit doom and gloom at the moment with the way the season is going (and with good reason) but am I the only one that thinks a win against liege will kick us on to better things???

We have players recently come back into the team ie cahill, osman etc and some good new talent ie fellaini, castillo, saha etc they are all getting their match fitness back and will get better and better after each game.

A really good win and hopefully a CLEAN SHEET could be just what we all need (players included)


What do you guys think?

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I am a bit doom and gloom about the Liege match. I don't take 2-2 at home as a draw as the away team come away with the advantage of away goals and they are also likely to play better at home. But if we do manage to win, I'm not sure if that will suddenly cure all of our defensive problems. Fingers crossed though, it would be a massive step in the right direction.

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The only thing we can take from this tie is a lesson in good management from a side that plays really good football. I hold out little hope of a result....who knows we may just get lucky. Liege have produced a side that plays great football on a budget the equivalent to a first division team. Their passing, breaking and strength on the ball is a delight to watch and a game our side is incapable of playing at present. We could do worse than follow their design as it certainly worked far better against a side like the shite than the crap served up in the derby by us.


As for kick starting our season, EL has it spot on but I would place the blame for our start at the managers feet, an unprepared side is simply that and he must shoulder the blame

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