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Everton midfielder Steven Pienaar was arrested following an alleged assault on a woman. Local police were called to the Sefton Park area of Liverpool early Sunday morning. Pienaar, a South Africa international who has played at Everton since July 2007, voluntarily visited the police later the same day and was arrested. Merseyside Police said that a 26-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of assault and released pending further inquiries. Pienaar initially joined Everton on loan from Borussia Dortmund before signing a three-year contract in April. He is out of first-team action because of a broken toe.


.. :angry:

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The Everton midfield artist and South African international reported at the police station of his own accord later that morning and was arrested following Sunday morning report that a woman had been assaulted in a flat near Sefton Park. Other than Pienaar, another 26-year-old man had been arrested in connection with the assault claim but has been released on police bail awaiting further enquiries, a Merseyside Police spokeswoman has said. Steven Pienaar who did nothing to save Everton from the slaughter by Liverpool last weekend has been under the weather following the alleged incident. Pienaar, who is currently on a three-year deal with Everton until the summer of 2011, is out of action while recovering from a broken toe.


Bafana Bafana and Everton midfielder Steven Pienaar is in the clear after being arrested on suspicion of assault in the UK on Sunday, The Times reported on Thursday. The 26-year-old player, who is sidelined because of a broken toe, was alleged to have assaulted a woman at his flat in Merseyside, Liverpool, at the weekend. Police were called to Pienaar's flat early on Sunday after the woman laid a charge against the footballer, from Westbury in Johannesburg. Pienaar handed himself to the police later in the day. He plays for English Premier League side Everton, where he is one of the club's most popular players and has been affectionately dubbed "Peanuts" by fans.


Glad to have him back though. He's a real good player for us and one who I think we have certainly missed. Phil Neville has been the only player that has even attempted to cause havoc down the wings. Pienaar is quick, flexible and accurate with his control. He's one of those players that you know when he gets the ball he's going to do something with it, he reminds me a little like Manuel Fernandes.


Full marks for handing himself into the police. Like Droobie said its better to do that. If the police had come to him then he could have been in thier longer and could have been given a sentance. He also deserves credit for having a friend named Bafana Bafana. :rolleyes:

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