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Well, this is just a rumour, but I heard it somewhere that he wants to coach the red shite.


Suposedly, he had an offer from them after winning the UEFA cup, and was a bit pissed about not beeing allowed to leave.


but if he wants to fulfill his contract, i know a club that will be looking to replace a coach about that time, united. Ferguson said he'd retire in 2/3 years, so there's a possibility there...

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I'd love to see him back in the EPL he was a breath of fresh air when he was at Chelsea, I cant really imagine him managing United or the shite i supose it depends on what position certain teams are in financially and so on when his contract runs its course. If we where to get bought out and i could choose the man to move us on he would be my top choice.

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I'd like to see him here. ;)


You can forget that. He's been at England once and will know the basic's of which team fits his style. He would work wonders at Everton, but somehow this club just woulden't mix well with him. I woulden't be over-joyed if he came in all honesty. I would rather have Capello, Lippi or Scolari in charge. Not because they're better managers, because they're not. But because I think they would do better for the club..


Can see him going to the shite to be honest


..Mourinhio would fit at a club like Liverpool, and that's where he's heading.

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