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Elstone In The Media


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He has been a busy man today..


There's an interview in the Daily Post:




An Interview on CityTalk:




and he was on Radio 5 Live earlier tonight too.


It's all coming to a head with the public inquiries imminent, hopefully it'll all be over by March :)

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There's a few interesting stories to be honest Steve http://www.liverpooltimes.net usually has a few (some stories are over the top but the underlying message is there!) One thing that has never been reported is that there is every chance there will be a Tesco superstore in Kirkby whether the stadium goes ahead or not because Tesco own the town centre and the land south of the town centre and there is already outline planning permission for a supermarket in place.


There isn't another town like Kirkby in the country where Tesco owns the main shopping centre and still wants to build a retail park adjacent to it. The public inquiry is very similar to a test case because the planning policy is being pushed to the limit. Personally I'm surprised the competitions committee hasn't stepped in. It truly will be a Tesco town.


Although some residents think it is a good thing:



On the hand you've got a resident saying Tesco bought this, ousted residents and workers and boarded it up to make it look worse than it is.


And it works, like KRISP group (in the video) are pointing out how it's all tinned up and an eyesore. (read the comments on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NNLHnvM2Xc& to see the disparity).


It's a very interesting story to be honest once you delve a little deeper. It's not something I'd usually be interested except I am because Everton are involved. I hope the truth comes out in the press but I won't be holding my breath.

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That vid's no longer available Louis :( .


“Our most important game coming up now is off the pitch,” he said (Elstone). “This is a monumental couple of months for this football club, an historic couple of months.


“We’ve done everything we can to see if there are any alternatives for the club, and in our absolute opinion there aren’t any.


“If this club is to continue to compete at the top end of the Premier League, then we need a favourable decision from the inquiry in the early part of next year. This is a very, very critical game for us to win.


Realistic appraisal of the situation or scare-mongering?


Going to be a bumpy ride over the coming weeks....hope we get the right decision for the club :) .

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The video was there last night!


Here's the comments from the video anyway (from google's cache):


is that the ex councillor?
The people of Kirkby need to realise that regeneration is NOT reliant on a football stadium.
KNOBHEAD, oh yes it is, you were sold down the River by Land Securities and you know full well that there is no other offer on the table. Stop Press - KRAG 1st 4 Kirkby is now KKAS - "Keep Kirkby A Shithole!"
Have you walked/driven down Webster Drive and seen the boarded up hotel and flats in the background of this video. Who else is willing to invest £400 million plus in our town. Where are D** S** and A**A now? Get real - D** S** got your support and got out out of Kirkby at a PROFIT
Well said Tommy371.Watch the Ego's of Rev, TB, and the other clowns in KRAG, crushed under proper scrutiny at the Public Inquiry - the genuine people of Kirkby can't wait! Keep up the good work KRISP.
It's all gone quiet in the KNOBHEAD corner. What's up; didums did the nasty people tell the KRAG that they are one trick pony militants with no real interest in the future of Kirkby beyond their own shallow meaningless agenda. Now then, there there!!


Divided opinion all round.

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