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Giancarlo Maldonado

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Rumours that we are to move for Mexican forward Giancarlo Maldonado.




(heres a link sent to me by my friend, you'll have to translate in yahoo though. Basically says that we want a loan with option to buy and that the club would be reluctant but if the player wanted the move they wouldn't stand in his way).


He looks good, has a good record for both club and country. However he could take ahile to settle, not sure if he would be able to cut it. Still though, its a new random name to throw into the hat!




Obligatory youtube clip. Not great quality, but funny music in the second half.



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I've just been reading about this quite a few sites reporting that the deal is done for £360.000 for a six months loan. This is a quote from a Venezuelan fella from another football forum.


Hello there Evertonians. I am from Venezuela, and an avid follower of our players abroad.


Some information on Gian:


-He's our national team's top scorer with 16 goals in some 39-40 games.


-He received the Golden Boot of the Americas in 2007 after socring 28 goals with Chilean O'Higgins and Mexican Atlante, surpassing many continental figures. Runner up was Boca Juniors' Martín Palermo, with 26 goals. He was the world's 3º best First Division goalscorer that year, only behind Cristiano Ronaldo and, I think, Huntelaar.


-He has around 30 goals with Atlante in some 50 games or such.


-In his first short tournament in México (they have two champions a year, one in December and one in July) he scored around 18 goals in 17 league games plus 3-4 playoff matches. Atlante were champions of México and he was their top scorer. League's top scorer was argentinean Alfredo Moreno with 2-4 more goals, with 7 scored from PKs; Maldonado didn't take any PKs in the tournament.


-He was 2008's 6º global First Division goalscorer.


-Atlante had set his price on 10.000.000 US$ after capturing interest from Spain's Deportivo La Coruña and some undisclosed Russian team. México's Club América and Pachuca were ready to offer some 4mill-6mill for him, but negotiations didn't prosper.

Assuming he mantains his highest level, Everton would be getting quite a bargain, I think.


You can find plenty of his videos in the web.



I do hope he ends up in your club, you'd be getting a world class striker plus a couple thousand souls rooting for you from across the Atlantic.


Pd. 500.000 US$ isn't really that much money in México, but for a short loan it's OK.

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After reading the comments you posted I see that he is actually from Venzuela, not Mexico. Which would go towards explaining why I didn't see him play for Mexico at the world cup. I've really researched this one you can tell!


After reading a few things he does seem in high regard, but so did Nery Castillio, and he was shocking for City last year. I think there could be something in this, Atalante's president has been making comments that we are in talks over a loan again today. Possibly could happen, whether thats a good thing or not will remain to be seen.

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I am not keen on his name, say a no from me. :D


Seriously...his is thought of in high regards for where he plays, which are lower quality leagues. As mentioned he would take far too long to settle in, we need an impact striker who will strat scoring now not next season.


Although the league's in that region are far from those of our own im sure there are very good players to be had. As much as i would love us to sign a striker that could bag us goals from the outset but with the money situation we are in we wont be signing any recognized Strikers that could do so in saying that there is no reason why this chap couldn't.

I would rather gamble £340-60.000 on him for six months then take a risk on say Love for x-amount of millions.

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We can get Leroy Lita for £350k... :lol: think I'd rather take a chance on this fella being able to play as I already know that Lita isn't top six Premiership quality.


Let's just hope the jet lag doesn't take until May to clear up like it has with a few other players acquired from that part of the world

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I have to think we'd be able to scrounge up enough to get both Lita and Maldonado. And why not, one player we're somewhat sure of, can play, not brilliant but might do a job, and another of somewhat unknown quality but who has attracted interest from some decent clubs, and all for under 1 million. Sounds like good business to me.

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