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Confirmed Signing .... Mr Motivator

Guest efctaxi

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Guest efctaxi

What on earth is ' Operation Goodison Exercise ' ? :huh:


Here's my thoughts on the subject :lol:




Lately , I've half expected to see 37000 people reaching for their toes , and shaking their tush with Mr Motivator , in time to some estranged keep fit theme , as opposed to scoffing the usual pies and crisps :lmaosmiley:


Feel free to enlighten me :P

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Guest efctaxi
I've always assumed it's something to do with evacuating the stadium in an emergency :huh: .


May be wrong.


Yeah , I googled it , and though I didn't find too much info outside of forums , that seemed to be the general concensus .

I have to say it sounded quite bizzare over the speakers when I first heard it being announced , and I wasn't quite sure what to expect .

Does it say anything about it in the matchday programmes ?

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^Mike's right. It's for if there's an emergancy all the stewards have to be at thier stations ready to evactuate. I think they just make sure that the stewards are doing there jobs, in the right places fully aware of how many people are where etc.. its a pain in the arse when it comes over the tannoy every home game, do you not think it could be off-putting for the players



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