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Everton 1 Chelsea 1


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Thought we did well today and showed a bit of character under pressure. Defensively we were tight with solid performances from our new full backs. Yobo and Weir were also excellent.


The midfield did a good job today without showing any real quality. Beats did well to get a whole 90 mins under his belt and scored a cracking penalty (Heart in mouth jobby). Kilbane was shite as per usual , Ferguson caused a few physical probs for their back line and did ok. Thought Neville did ok defensively but lacked any real quality in his passing. Cahill and Arteta played excellently and were our most positive players going forward.


Just need to get another win from our game in hand and we should start to crawl out from the grave we have dug ourselves.


Well done toffees, lets use this as a confidence boost and move forward from here!

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We did really well to get a draw and i hope Arteta stays on the right as he looked quality and really caused their defenders problems. Can't wait until we actually have a good winger on the left as then the midfield will be looking good just think Kilbanes past it now. Very happy with both Valente and then Ferrari who looked solid. Lots of positives to take from the game and hopefully it will kick start our season.

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thought Beattie was very good ran himself into the ground, both Valente and then Ferrari were impressive (think they are starting to settle to the english game)but my man of the match has to go to Arteta. Think we are going to have a gem in this lad get better all the time. Now we need to beat Boro in the cup on Wed. with the same high tempo type play. Maybe a chance to play VDM and Kroldrup.

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arteta was easily man of the match followed by Yobo.


Arteta was the only player that really looked like creating anything, he was never scared to pick the ball up and run with it and Chelsea seemed quite happy to give him a bit of space to do it!


Wasn't Chelsea at their best yesterday but they still looked impressive at times, especially on the break but we held them off well and even looked like we could get ourselves into scoring positions when we countered them.


good to see, hopefully we come off with a win in the league cup after that.

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Should be 2-1 for Toffees if a second penalty has been awarded for Terry's handball. Although not a good passing game from the Toffees, they did superbly well to defend throughout the game.

I thought that we played well given the circumstances...


Countries best team. Probably the most 'on-form' team in Europe at the moment playing the countries worst team and probably the 'least on-form' team in europe at the moment...


Arteta was superb down the right.

Cahill was very sharp and caused them problems (hence the reason they took him out)

Valente had a good passing and tackling game (Hence the reason they took him out)

Ferguson caused no end of trouble (hence the reason they took him out)


Yobo was fantastic - Drogba and Crespo couldn't cope with the physical battling. Ferrari came on and was tactically very good - got forward very well and tackled brilliantly at times.

Weir - although old, was very reliable and his experience came into the fold towards the end when he was telling the younger lads to calm and slow down to get the much deserved point.


Davies - when he came on, looked lively and attacked the ball and closed down well...


Okay - we let Chelsea in a few times - but then thats what you can expect from the best team in the league - they will attack you all game. I can sit here and type proudly that the Chelsea team was at full strength (except for Duff - replaced with Cole!) and their substitutions were also potentially deadly. But it wasn't to be...


the Guttsy Everton performance was worthy of the point at the end of the game and nothing Mouriniho can say will change the fact that his side were on a knife edge against us and it showed - Terry was happy hoofing the ball away at times just to stop the Everton attacks. It was great to watch and the atmosphere was electric.


Moyes took the team to the lake district - his reasoning?!?! the new players had not really met with the old players properly - no social gathering - Ferrari and Valente's wives had not met the other players and other wives - the team needed some 'quality' time and I think that Moyes gave it to them by taking them to the lakes.


I sincerely hope that this is the turning point to a good season. They can bask in the restored confidence today - hopefully! :P

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Good result.


Chelsea have the players to cut teams to bits, especially a teams so frigile of confidence, but we limited them to, in the main, pot shots from distance.


Beattie had a good game, and with a strike partner, I think he is going to get a few more goals for us. His penalty, didn't look like a player who is low on confidence.


We still didn't create much, but hey Chelsea are a class act, all thier individual players are class acts, and they really do play as a team, so not suprises we didn't get many chances.


We didn't scrap a draw, we earn that point.


Shouldn't get over exicited by getting a draw at home, but Chelsea are that good at the moment. So hard not too.


I thought the Goodison crowd were magnificent, considering how the team has been performning.

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Guest fozzie22

Yes i dont think think we should go overboard at celebrating the fact we have our 2nd goal of the season and our first point at home..FFS the clocks go back next saturday,we should have been doing better than this.


But overall i'm well chuffed at getting a point,chelsea are a cut above any else in the PL.


One swallow doesnt make a summer,but lets hope we can start to do a little better than of late,and go on and get clear of the relegation scrap.

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