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Jags In England Squad


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The BBC report on the squad is f'king pathetic.


First part is all about Beckham (fair enough I suppose), then they say, "Carlton Cole and James Milner could win their first England caps after being named in the squad."

Then they talk about the Spain squad, giving special mention (predictably) to Torres and the other Liverpool players involved.


Not a word about Jags :angry: ! That's made me very angry.


But pleased for him, ridiculous Joleon's not in it as well.

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Guest efctaxi

Strange he would want to break up a great partnership .

Is Lescott out of the squad altogether , or just for this friendly ?




Either way , it's a big step in the right direction so got to try and be positive :)


I rate Jags a lot higher than Lescott if I'm honest .

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How shit are our attacking options? Spain's defence will be shaking in their boots :lol: .


Villa have a lot of players in that squad. I hope they all play and get absolutely knackered or injured with the cup game coming up :P


Thats two good points there though. The attack force could keep Jagielka on his toes and hopefully put him in a better position to keep up this good work. I hope he doesen't pick up an injury but that's the risk that we take. Hoping that the Villa players get a hard time, Young will be worthless if he can't run to his potential, it seems that the Spain game has come at just the right time for us.

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