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Xbox Live Under Names


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What are people's views on this - should the xbox gamertag icons stay or be removed? I was considering leaving them in the system but making the icon smaller and also adding Playstation ones for those who are interested.


It's the section under the user name on the left.

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Guest efctaxi

It is for gamers who have online multiplayer clan tags or usernames , which in this case is for X-Box .


I play a few online games , though lately it's mainly Call of duty 4 , as our gaming community lost interest in the likes of Far Cry , Far Cry 2 , Crysis , Counter Strike etc .


Unortunately I play on pc , so the X-Box tag has no use for me .


If anything , I would suggest an X-fire one instead , as X-fire is the programme used by most gamers to keep in touch , chat in-game or out via type , or join your gaming buddies in a game simply by right clicking their username and pressing ' join game ' .



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