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@ firsat adam69 I thought similar. But since in my own pers view he's proved to be a swarmy twat.


Who'd have thought that Abromivichs moolah incorporated with a new manager & a cple of my shiote dont stink wankers ( not to mention the cheats) in the team, would have many calling & hoping for Manure to make a serious challenge next term.


Sad times.

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i quite like him, he can be a cocky so and so at times but he is quite funny. must be said though that anything he says seems to be blown out of proportion in the press, like the bird flu thing being a bigger worry than man utds challenge on the league, i saw the interview and the papers the next morning made it sound worse than it was.

at least hes a bit interesting i say, doesnt care what ppl think ...and why should he

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I didnt like him at all at first, buuut...


He is brilliant for the premiership, someone with an ego, he is an expert at winding up the opposition players and fans. Every fan wants to be entertained, and listening to some of his comments are brilliant.

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He`s a really bad loser and a bit of light entertainment. He`s weak tactically and not a match for Fergie Wengner or Benitez, he has a bottomless pot and still can`t produce an entertaining side. He can grind out results against the prem`s lesser outfits because of a massive squad, the wheels will cone off the wagon soon if Roman doesn`t get the CL or he goes one season without a trophy.



i like him, i like chelsea, i think probably coz their bein run by gangsters :lol:


an he pisses off fergie an the RS, and dont forget he found us Nuno

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