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Wembley Travel

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If you (or anyone) is driving up then i'll give you some advice. The parking in and around Wembley is awful and expensive. I would highly recommend that you park at High Wycombe train station. 40 minutes via car south of London. You can then get a train direct to Wembley Stadium which takes only 20 minutes and is only about £5 for a return ticket. I've done a few trips to Wembley since the refurbishment and this is easily the best option.

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We always used to park up behind Brent Town Hall...same place every time, used to joke it was our own private space :) .


Was 20+ years ago though so it may have changed a bit :unsure::lol: .

well seeing as tho i got a love letter off the warickshire constabulary for doing 61 miles an hr on the m6/m1 in a 50 zone on the 17th april goin to the semis, i thort id give it a miss and get a coach, bt il risk it again :lol:
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there is a school car park near wembley ikea, (1 mile from the stadium) cost £10 for the semi and £2.50 on the bus to the ground.

id keep it to myself but im going on a coach so it doesnt matter this time.


:lol: You know it's getting serious when there are top secret parking spaces..


Was 20+ years ago though so it may have changed a bit :unsure::lol: .


Maybe just a tad Mike ;)

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