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Pace, Pace, Pace.

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Its becoming more and more evident especially after the final that we need an injection of pace down the flanks and over the top. When the midfield / defence needs an outlet there is nothing there. Osman and Hibbert were caught out big time but even when A.J was there he made things happen by upsetting defenders and the one thing they cant handle is shit hot pace. We need players who can give an outlet because at the minute were stuck!

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That will be James Vaughan then!



Until he gets match fit he's a bit of a headless chicken though. Hopefully he'll get a good pre-season under his belt (fingers crossed) and show his quality.


I've been saying we need pace in our side for a long time, and hopefully that will coincide with us rebuilding our right side because Osman and Hibbert aren't good enough.

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It's not just speed of body though, its speed of thought. The likes of Ossie and Hibbert are not just physically slow they are mentally slow as well, neither aniticpate movement and therfore no real trheatening moves ever really develop along that wing. For me Pienaar has improved so much over the last month because his speed of thought has improved and he now anticipates a move and a run, whereas a few months ago he would either go missing or just run into defenders.


Someone like Manny when he was here, while not the physically fastes player, had great speed of thought and could therefore make things happen. The same can be said about Arteta.

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always believed for the right money manny could have really grown as a player here.

if that summer we could have got him and yak in the side the change would have been massive.


a pacey winger or striker will help us massively!


reading the times review of the final today, saying pienaar could easily cope with the champions league - cant imagine how screwed we'd be if we lost him.

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