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Who I'd Like To See

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Anyone like the look of diego capel hes very quick and can play on either wing and wouldn't cost very much depending on our budget anyway lol

we need a cm aswell to go with arteta then we could put phil neville at right back until we have cash to buy a decent 1.

let me know what you think

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We need another RB, or another CDM, to cover neville so he can play RB


Another LM, to cover pienaar. Pienaar is awsome but what if he gets injured?


Another stricker, cus yakubu, saha and vaughan aren't great. Yeah there good players, but we need just one player of pure brilliance to grab us some goals.


And maybe another midfielder, like Moutinho. Although i doubt we will get him.


Thats what I think anyways.





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Stuart Downing

Wes Brown

Andy Johnson



I think AJ would be nice to bring back. Wes Brown would be good . Downing would be brill


AJ would be nice to bring back to show him what he's missing now he's struggling at Fulham. Wes Brown would be good for nothing. Downing would be brill at costing a lot of money for an over-hyped inconsistent, one good game in every ten player.


Just my opinions though ;)

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My Top 3 Targets Would Be:



Marcus Berg/Love



Offer To Loan The Likes Of:








nice list ;) not sure about *bold though? love nani and drenthe here! specially on loan, Love, i'd love too lol

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Three to buy?


Rooney I would have back like a shot to be honest.

Lorik Cana. See my comments in rumerama. The guy is bloody great.

Lampard. Or Gerrard (but I hate to admit he is good)


Of the three(four) only Cana has any slight chance of signing for us this side of hell freezing over.


But they are who I would like to see here.

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We should have a chance since real madrid have signed benzeema and city have signed nearly every striker under the sun.


I dont think either club have recently been linked with him anyway the major issue is funds why blow a large part if not all of our kitty "if we have one" on a forward when we have Yakubu coming back who's as good as 95% thats out their on his day and Saha Vaughan and Jo possibly coming back on loan who out of the two when at CSKA was rated better then Love.

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Hello cz.toffee :)


Did you know that Josef Csaplar is Everton's scout for Czech Republic?

He´s former scout for Czech Rep, isn´t he? Or maybe he still is, I´m not sure...


Anyway, I doubt he would find a player of Everton qualities in our country. There is a lack of genuine football talent, unfortunately <_<

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