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Talking To The Enemy makes it's triumphant return this season with the good people from www.onlinearsenal.com. Enjoy.


1) With Man City throwing money at any player they can get there grubby little mitts on do you feel that your Champions League spot could be under pressure this year?


Leper Messiah: Ours no. Liverpools maybe. I think we will be finishing in a better position than 4th this year. I also dont feel City will have what it takes to challenge for the Champions League. Theyve spent money but no amount of money can buy team cohesion. I think the greater threat to the top 4 are in fact your good selves, I would say Aston Villa are in there with a shout too but they've done poorly in the transfer market this summer.


Jakey Boy: Of course our CL spot is in jeopardy, as is Liverpool's in my opinion. I think we'll be completely fine and may well shock a few people this year, and would put a lot of money on coming top four, but it goes without saying that most will think we could lose our spot amongst the top four


TheBigGooner: I doubt it, theyve done terribly in pre-season in my opinion and i think they are still a season away from challenging us for the top four, never mind the title. They're players arent gelling well, and i think itll be a while till they start pressurising us. Tevez will be important to them because he makes the whole team gel somehow.


Bavin: I still think they are some way off, they have the star players but they have only just started focusing on the defensive side of things which leaves a lot to be desired. Obviosuly everyone wants to see a shift in the top four but for now City are not managed well enough to break into the top four, in my opinion of course.


2) Not many players that Wenger sells ever truely succed after leaving Arsenal. Do you think this will prove to be the case for Adebayor and Toure?


Leper Messiah: I think Toure will prove to be a good addition for City, he's much better than anything they have at the back right now, even though he's slightly past his best. As for Adebayor, they could have got better strikers for £25 million and the wages they gave him. You need only to look at the drop in work rate from him since we put his wages up to around £80,000 a week to see where his priorities lie. I think after a while he'll find himself down the pecking order at City, I don't think a man like Mark Hughes will like his attitude.


Jakey Boy: I've been of the opinion for some time that Toure is past his best, and has been sub-standard for about a year and a half since returning from the African Cup of Nations in '08. People argue that he's in his prime at 28, but I think like Kluivert he peaked early and won't recapture his form of a few years ago.

Adebayor could go either way for me. He could continue being a lazy twit and therefore continue being an average striker, or he could put in the kind of workrate he did in the 07/08 season and get hatfuls of goals. Even if he does do really well I wouldn't say Wenger made a mistake selling him, his head was turned last summer and he clearly didn't want to play for us, so whatever effort levels he gives City he wouldn't have given us. But if I had to hazard a guess I think that it will prove to be the case for both players


TheBigGooner: Adebayor will struggle. I think he benefitted from our style of play (short passing, keep possession, etc.) and he will start to suffer. His work rate is crap and i honestly am surprised man city even bothered buying him. Im so pleased we're rid of him (and its not because i hate him for talking to the press about milan, barca, etc. Its because i genuinly think hes average and there are many better players out there.) He will never score 30 goals again. Just like I doubt Cristiano Ronaldo will score more than 40 again... but thats a different story.


Toure will give it his all and he'll be more solid than a few man city defenders but, he has become worse ever since last year when he returned to us from the african nations cup. He hasn’t been as amazing as he was but im sure hes a decent buy for city nonetheless.


Bavin: I think many players regret leaving Arsenal because Arsene buys players that wil fit in with his management and gameplan and this is probably part of the reason why many fail to reach the same heights once leaving the club. I think Adebayor will never hit 30 again in a season and Toure has been off his best form for a while now, to me City havent thought these two buys out well enough and I don't think they will be of the same success as they were here, moreso Toure than Adebayor.


3) Everton have been linked with Senderos quite a bit in the last few weeks. What are your views on him and do you feel he would be a good addition to our ranks?


Leper Messiah: Opinion on Senderos is divided amongst Arsenal fans. Personally I'm a supporter of Senderos, I think he has a bright future in the game. His problem as far as I can see is that he needs a few games to get a bit of confidence going and he's prone to errors in those games. When he does get himself a run in the team though he always delivers good performances. Don't forget he was an integral part of the defence that got us to the Champions League final without conceding a single goal against the likes of Real Madrid, Juventus and Villareal. He'll surely be starting every week for Everton and I think that will do his game the world of good. In short I think he'd be a great addition for you.


Jakey Boy: I rate Senderos quite highly. Sure he's made errors and looked very uncomfortable against certain strikers (make sure you don't play him against Drogba ), but he was and still is quite young for a centreback. I'd have prefered to keep him with us, or at the very least sell him off abroad. I think he'll be a good signing for you, though I rate Djourou much more highly.


TheBigGooner: Theres mixed reviews over him... I personally think he has potential to suceed and we should have kept him as he’s way better than Silvestre. dunno what wenger is thinking. Senderos has a few dodgy moments however and everton fans might witness them, if everton get him of course.


Bavin: He has shown glimpses of possibly becoming a god defender in the future and I would've liked to keep him on for a season to see what he has learnt at Milan but he still seems as clumsy as ever so I think it is a good time for us to offload him although he may do well with a bit more gametime under his belt and Everton could be the place to do that with your lot missing Phil Jagielka for the time being.


4) Where do you feel the squad could improve prior to the transfer window closing?


Leper Messiah For Arsenal, I'd say we could do with a central midfielder and a central defender if the Senderos deal goes through as expected, and we could do with one of those players being an experienced head. For Everton, I just think you need one or two more attacking options, more players with goals in them.

Jakey Boy: We could do with signing another centreback, someone like Hangeland or Bassong who has just joined the scum, perhaps it might be worth looking at Wheater from Boro, Turner from Hull or perhaps even Stoke's Shawcross. A no-nonsense centreback who will better compliment our ball-playing centrebacks.

We've needed a combative, tough tackling centre-mid for about a year now, and that would be my priority. Yaya Toure is my dream signing for this role, but I think Matuidi or someone like Cattermole would be good for us as our midfield is a bit lightweight as it stands. Song could do a job I reckon.


TheBigGooner: I obviously want a defender if senderos goes, but more important than that is a defensive midfielder for me. I think its critical we get one good midfielder who can boss the game in the middle of the pitch. We need someone with big brute strength and height.


Bavin: Defence. Brede Hangeland has been linked with us recently which is exciting news as he would bring the much needed and much scrutinised height to the team that we have been lacking in that area with Toure and Gallas. I would also like to see us tighten up the midfield with the addition of an enforcer, someone who will break up play and shield the back four, although I think Wenger has faith in Song stepping up even more into that role this season.


5)What are your hopes for this season?


Leper Messiah: Firstly and foremostly a trophy of some kind. I don't mind which it is, even if its the Carling Cup. Don’t forget Mourinho's first trophy with Chelsea was the League Cup, and when United had gone without major success for a few years it was the Carling Cup win that took them forward to competing for major honours. However I do hope for more than that. Personally I'd love to see Arsenal bring home the European Cup more than anything, even the league title.


Jakey Boy: I'm quite confident. I hope for a trophy and think its time that this team delivered something. It's a big if, but IF we sign another player or two and our players avoid injuries then I truly believe we could well win the league. But as Nasri and Rosicky are already illustrating, we probably won't stay dree from injury, so I'd hope for an improvement on last year's league performance and a trophy of some form.


TheBigGooner: A trophy. Any trophy. Simple as that. All trophies are hard to win in today’s world, so ill settle for one.


Bavin: I think we will spring a few surprises this season and I think we will make a challenge for the title. Attacking wise I think we are very good with the likes of Arshavin, Eduardo, Van Persie and co as well as the likes of Wilshere becoming even more prominenet and good developing backup attackers like Carlos Vela and Nicklas Bendtner. The deeper areas of our team can still be worked on and if they are then I would be very confident of breaking our trophy drought.


6) Predictions for the game?


Leper Messiah: I was there at Goodison for the 1-1 last season, sadly missed out on a ticket this time around, but I'd expect a similar game, tight and difficult for us. Hopefully we can bag a couple of goals and take the points but I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see another score draw.


Jakey Boy: 1-2


TheBigGooner: I usually expect a tight game against Everton, but this time I’m optimistic.

Sorry mate, but im going to say 0-3 to the arsenal


Bavin: I am hoping for a win but Everton at Goodison is always a tough test, and I think a draw would be the most likely result. It just depends what sort of form both teams come out with but for mine it will be a draw.

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Hi Guys,


I'm the owner of onlinearsenal.com Hope you dont mind me posting here. Just wanted to correct Jamies creditation as onlinearsenal.com not arsenalonline.com :)


Hope you guys have a good season, last time you played us first at home you lost 1-4 but came 4th in the league. I would settle for that at Chelsea/Liverpool/Man U's expense.

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Hi Guys,


I'm the owner of onlinearsenal.com Hope you dont mind me posting here. Just wanted to correct Jamies creditation as onlinearsenal.com not arsenalonline.com :)


Hope you guys have a good season, last time you played us first at home you lost 1-4 but came 4th in the league. I would settle for that at Chelsea/Liverpool/Man U's expense.

Really sorry about that. I've changed it up top as well now.

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