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Galactic Aracnid - Blueroom - Banned!


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Seems ridiculous to shut it down.....why could they not just ban those responsible :huh: ?


A few of the ones who have blighted the Blueroom for years used a proxy ip programme which meant that however many times the club attempted to ban them it had no impact.

It was partly due to the registration process which allowed you to put any old made up email addy etc in for your details as there was never any authentication email to use to complete the process.

This and many other problems were highlighted in a meeting between Mark Rowan and some members of the blueroom several months ago but as yet there don't appear to have been any of the suggested improvements taken on board.

Maybe now they have (belatedly) decided to act!

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they closed it not just because of the Lescott abuse (and calling him a **** wasnt the worst of it im afraid) but also down to 70% of the posts descending into hurling abuse. the few ruined it for the many. it was my haven from work!


anyway, 4Eva, Abraders and the rest, good to see ya again...

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Thanks Iggy. So "Evertonians" deliberately sabotaging themselves then :mellow: . Strange.


It's a lonnnnng story Mike, it started off with people just having a laugh and in all honesty at the beginning (Many moons ago) it was all quite innocent.

Problems developed between these individuals and one or two overzealous mods and things escalated. As more people started having a go at them they pushed the boundaries further and further until they reached this situation.

All a bit sad really, but it could have all been stopped right at the beginning had the forum been set up and moderated properly from day one.

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