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Home-Grown Rule Introduced From 2010/11


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Your thoughts...


How does this news affect Everton and other clubs below the top 4?


Who in our current squad has to go?


Is Mustafi still eligible if he remains in our youth squad?


Will this mean that all clubs will by buying from a smaller market (England over 21's) thus pushing the prices up (Demand vs Supply)?


How will Everton compete in signing young english talent?


We picked up Garbutt, missed out on Naughton, what are other candidates for Everton's next 2 transfer windows?


Does this mean clubs over the limit must offload at the end of the season?

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I don't think clubs will have to 'offload' as per say.


It'll probably be a system similar to La Liga or Seria A, where clubs have to register a player list during or just after the transfer window.


Any player not registered before hand cannot be fielded. Exceptions are made for players coming from the clubs youth setup though, i think xD

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I can't answer all your questions, but quite honestly we'd be fine IMO. Everton players such as Hibbert, Jagielka, Baines, Rodwell, Neville, Osman, Vaughan, Baxter, Anichebe and Nash all qualify under this rule, as will most of our reserve players should they make the first team.


Mustafi should be available as he is only 17 and those rules state you have to have spent 3 years before you turn 21 under the English and Welsh professional system.


I'd say in regards to transfers we just look for who is home grown and the right type of player we need, so if this rule had of come in last year I would have said try and sign somebody like David Bentley.


I think with the 25 limit cap on players, I'm sensing a feel of trying to copy La Liga. It basically becomes quality not quantity, but with saying that no team can afford any type of injury crisis with this new rule.

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How would you break down your squad?


3 Keepers, 8 defenders, 2 defensive mids, 6 mids, 2 attacking mids and 4 strikers? We currently have 9 forwards on the books.


The versatility in our squad will be very helpful for sure, and it will slow down City buying the title. Spurs will lose 60% of their squad.


The championship will become a stronger league with all the players freed up, probably to go out on loan.



Now a question.


If you were the manager, and the rule was in this season, would you have named Jags in your 25 man squad at the end of August, knowing he's out until November-ish? One of our most important players. In the 25 but not available for 12 weeks, or out, give him an extra 6 weeks recovery?

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This is ground work for some form of the 6+5 rule IMO

I think that from next season we're going to have to name a minimum number of 'home grown' players in the match day squad of 18 anyway - so 6+5 is here.


In reality, this is a really good thing for clubs like Everton and Aston Villa - we will be largely unaffected. It levels the playing field and means that our prudent approach over recent years of bringing through our own youngsters and in identifying good young players e.g. Garbutt, Gosling, Mustafi, will pay dividends for us.


Players under the age of 21 who meet the 3 seasons criteria will not have to be named in the 25, so that means we can have 25 plus Rodwell, Gosling, Baxter, Wallace, Garbutt etc


Clubs like the RS, City and Spurs who already have shed loads of overseas players will have to do considerable pruning.


Also, I think its good news for young English footballers - it will increase demand for them and secure more of a future in the game - even if ultimately they are loaned to lower league sides.

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