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Everton Staff Snub Host City World Cup Bid


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EVERTON boss David Moyes snubbed the launch of Liverpool's bid to be a host city at the England 2018 World Cup due to a £14million feud with event organisers.

Moyes was the most notable absentee when FA committee members attended the glitzy ceremony pushing Liverpool's claims.


The Goodison boss was invited alongside Anfield heroes Rafa Benitez, Kenny Dalglish and Jamie Carragher and current Tranmere boss John Barnes.


Moyes was replaced by club officials and former Everton players Graeme Sharp, Kevin Sheedy and Gary Stevens.




The no-show of the manager and any of his first-team squad was put down to 'training commitments' by organisers.


But Sport of the World has learned Moyes was pulled out due to the increasingly fraught relationship between Everton and the Liverpool City Council chiefs who are running the bid.


Everton are embroiled in a long-running scrap with the council over their contentious stadium move. And the club is furious at the role of city planners' in preventing the sale of their former Bellefield training ground.


The site, vacated two years ago when the Toffees moved to their current Finch Farm premises, is derelict having been previously rejected for a lucrative residential development.




It was valued at as high as £14m - funds earmarked to assist Everton's stadium relocation or to be pumped into Moyes' squad. Yet the value of the property has halved. The Merseysiders are planning a third appeal against the verdict pending a decision on their move from Goodison to Kirkby.


Everton officials suspect the move to block the Bellefield development was in retaliation for the club's attempt to leave the city, from Liverpool to Knowsley.


That was denied by a council spokesman, who said: "We're keen to see the site developed appropriately."




On the field, Everton have suffered their worst start since 2004 - with one win in four games.


But they will look to kick-start their recovery with a home win over Blackburn this afternoon.


Keeper Tim Howard insisted: "We know we have a good team. We are confident in our ability."



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I hope it does, we have had no support from those clowns. Forgot about Bellefield needing to be sold. Liverpool were practically given a chunk of stanley park................


It's six of one and half a dozen of the over. Liverpool City Council told Everton that their plans for Bellefield would be rejected before they applied for planning permission because they didn't meet set criteria. Everton applied anyway on the advice of Savills. The plans were rejected, Everton were advised to appeal against the council's decision by Savills, they did so and it went to a public inquiry. it was rejected again, but not by Liverpool City Council but the Government's Planning Inspectorate (i.e. it wasn't just Liverpool City Council who thought they were unsuitable).


Also Everton were offered the King's Dock around the same time as Liverpool were offered Stanley Park (King's Dock in my opinion was a better deal - Everton had to raise £30m for a 55,000 arena on the Mersey riverfront, Liverpool have had to pay £14m to improve the Anfield area before they can be build anything). My understanding is that Liverpool FC told Liverpool City Council they would leave Liverpool if they did not get Stanley Park.


Liverpool City Council have offered other sites for a stadium (including a bigger footprint at Goodison Park) although the club are still focusing on moving to Kirkby - too much money has been spent on the project to pull out now and contractual clauses would see Everton financially penalised if they decided to pull out. Knowsley Council have built up a bill of more than £3m in legal fees alone. That's not to say that Everton feel Kirkby is not viable, they obviously do, otherwise they wouldn't pursue it in the first place.


More recently..Grosvenor were not happy with the Everton shop in Liverpool One being called 'Everton Two' and be in such a close proximity to the LFC store - were fearful that it could cause fan's to vandalise the opposing teams' club store. It was Liverpool City Council (a man called Nigel Lee I believe) who convinced them otherwise.

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I am still unhappy that LFC got Stamley Park. I used t play right on that bit as a kid, then they made it a carpark and it should never have been done that way IMO. Because by my understanding, the car park (for a number of years) has been 'owned' by LFC anyway. (Correct me if I am wrong)


Anyway, Stanley Park, along with Walton Hall Park, Newsham Park and so on, were donated to the PEOPLE of Liverpool, to give them open spaces (and a bit of clean air... if possible.) No football club has the right to build on it.


Except that now they do. Thanks a lot LCC

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