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Cameron Jerome's

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From Cj agent


Cameron Jerome's agent Tony Finnigan was talking to the BBC.


He has confirmed that both Cardiff and Birmingham have sat down together to agree a fee.


"Andy Gray and I, Cameron's advisers, sat down with the Birmingham and Cardiff hierarchies and agreed what the price would be," said Finnigan.


"It was very clear, everyone agreed and Birmingham know what they have to do."


"This has been going on for two weeks now but everyone knows what is needed and it is simple really."


Finnigan confirmed there were a host of clubs interested in Jerome and that he is certain to leave Ninian Park this summer.


"Cardiff have to sell, I guess, because they want a new stadium so they have put him up for sale.


"Sheffield United had a £2.4m bid rejected three weeks ago and I know there are a few others interested, West Brom included.


"The thing is, if someone asks you for £3 for something and you offer them £2.80, if you are lucky they might agree to sell.


"Cameron is just a 19-year-old who wants to further his career and better himself and that is the most important thing."


Why are we not in there. Birmingham and West Brom both gone down we would have a better chance than them

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BIRMINGHAM have been told to double their money to land Cardiff striker Cameron Jerome.


Jerome, 19, scored 20 goals for City last season and relegated Blues have offered £1.5million, plus the same amount again depending on performance and appearances.


But Cardiff chairman Sam Hammam wants all the cash up front and Jerome’s agent Tony Finnigan said: “Sheffield United had a £2.4m bid rejected and I know there are several other clubs interested, including West Brom.”



looks like the first to offer £3m will get him.


Is he worth an offer now before someone else steps in, or do we hang on and wait to see if AJ signs, and lose them both.



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I think that with Cardiff if we offered them a player as well with the deal we might get him for about £2m. Say Wright as I know they were sniffing about Carson from the Red Shite.


Or loan them some of our younsters.


I think that at £3m he is worth the gamble

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Reallt think this one will come back and kick us in the butt.


Birmingham have agreed a fee with Cardiff and CJ is in talks with Birmingham.


If we not going to bid for Cj again then we should look at making a bid and bringing him in. Should be able to beat Birmingham as they in the first div.

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With trundle not going up with Swansea this season might be woth a little bid.


I didn't see the game butheard on the radio that when he came on he played well.


I would rather have CJ than Nugent.


Seen Cj a few times on tv and there just seems something abiut him

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