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Hello From America!


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I'm Andy, and this is my first season among the Evertonian ranks. I got interested in Premiership through a couple buddies of mine who watch Champions League and was quite curious as to what was going on in terms of European football. After I did my homework with a bit of bias (I didn't want to root for Man U, and I love Tim Howard in goal for the Americans), I came to the conclusion that the Toffees were my team, mostly because I feel they are literally and figuratively, a blue collar squad. I'm still learning the ropes when it comes to the Premiership (As an American sports fan, the idea of relegation completely intrigues me, along with all the side cups that are played for besides the Premiership title), but it's been a fun campaign so far.

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Glad to see another American among us Andy. What a superb choice you have made for a football club. It's simply a club worth supporting. Although my British brethren assured me that we Evertonians do not choose--we are chosen. Despite the poor start, I'd say this is a good season for building a deeper connection with the team. Where in the US are you from? I'm from Boston and there are far too many Man U and Chelsea supporters, as well as people who wear red shirts from some other Merseyside club. I'm seeing more and more Barca shirts out there as well, not surprisingly.

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