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The Blueroom


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Have any of the rest of you got one of these emails from EFC?

I am assuming it was automatically sent out to all the (genuine) email addresses on their database.


The Future of the Blueroom‏

From: The Blueroom (blueroom@evertonfc.com)

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Sent: 01 October 2009 14:31:29

To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




Hello and welcome to the latest email from evertonfc.com




Dear Supporter,


As Im sure you are aware, the Blueroom was temporarily closed at the end of August. This was a decision that Everton had hoped we wouldnt have to take but in the end we believed we had no choice as a minority of users were spoiling the experience for the rest of the fans.


We are currently working on developing a strategy which we hope will eliminate the problems which lead to the closure of the Blueroom. Moderation, we believe, is the key to this and we are keen that the forum be moderated by the fans who use it.


If youd be interested in becoming a moderator, please contact blueroom@evertonfc.com




Mark Rowan,


Head of Media & Communications








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I assume from this that it may be up and running again soon if they get enough eejits to volunteer!

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Must've just gone to the BlueRoom database Iggy because I didn't get one and I'm registered on the main site, EvertonTV, the store and the ticket office. Maybe they should have cast their net a bit wider.

Sure they'll get plenty of volunteers....I'd give the job to Milky personally :) .

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I was under the impression that when registered with the main site that it included registration for the blueroom too??

May have done.....don't remember ever trying to log on in the Blue Room. But I've still not had the email. Maybe they've researched and seen what a pathetic two faced patronising blinkered hypocrite I am and blacklisted me :( .

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