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Where Was Bent On Saturday?


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Wasn't on the bench. Don't think he was injured!!!

Not sure - can't remember reading or hearing anything about him. Unusual that he is completely dropped from the side!


The only thing I can think is that VDM started and the bench had to make room for Kilbane.


glad that Moysey seen sense and played Neville at Left back!

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...as for bent, i would hope to get some money out of him in jan, replacement would have to be found before hand. you could never knock his work rate for last season, it was superb, never gonna set the world alight but he grafted and thats all you can ask. this season he seems to have got in a sulk (done it a few times last season aswell) which may be why he is a 'journey man'.....i hope we get rid but only because we need to step forward :D

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