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Everton Masters Football Team

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I just found this thread on another forum, which shows the Everton Masters team:


'The confirmed Everton Masters team for the Mersey Masters on the 4th July at the Liverpool Echo arena: Paul Gerrard (gk), Peter Beagrie, Matt Jackson, Tony Grant, Graham Stuart & Gary Speed + two more Everton Masters players to be announced shortly. See www.mastersfootball.com for ticket info!'

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It may be my memory but I really don't remember him refusing to play for the club either.


I remember someone saying that he had. But that isn't proof is it.



It definitely is your memory!



I remember it vividly, in fact I can even tell you what game it was. We had West Ham away and the squad

was already down to the bare bones and Speed, who as captain at the time, refused to travel and never played for

the club again


Personally if the rumours were true as to why he had the bust up then fair play to him, but I still think

he should have played and then put in a transfer request like any normal player would



I like Gary Speed, in fact I admire him for keeping his silence and not slagging the club off, and I do think he has had a bit of unfair stick over the entire saga, but I can also see

where it has come from

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I stand corrected. I wasn't having a dig, I just remember things differently is all. But at my age memory is the first thing to go. (The wrinkles also are the first things to arrive, not sure I appreciate the change anymore.) Now what were we talking about? :lol:

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