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Christiano Ronaldo


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Six months before Cristiano Ronaldo went to Manchester United, I offered him to Everton. "But the Everton chief scout was only prepared to take him on trial and he passed.


"In any other profession, you'd have to pay for making such a big mistake, but he is still the chief scout at Everton.





And Cristiano Ronaldo; I was approached by a guy called Tony Henry who is now working at Everton football club and he was someone that I played with at Manchester City and Tony Henry was working with the agent for Cristiano Ronaldo and I went to watch him play in the Toulon tournament which is an under-20 tournament abroad and he tore England to pieces. After the game, the chief scout from Everton approached Tony Henry and asked if there was any chance to take the player on trial! I won’t tell you what Tony’s response was!


He wanted to take him on trial! He then come back the Everton fella and said I don’t think he is going to be good enough to make it in the Premier League so I can only recommend that he goes on trial. And at the time I was so impressed with him I tried to get him into Chelsea. At the time I had a good relationship in Chelsea and I actually tried to convince Chelsea to take him and about three months later the deal was done with Manchester United, and the rest his history.








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