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England For 2018

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Goodison was never submitted as a possible host - the stadium in Kirkby and the use of Finch Farm were Everton's contribution to the Liverpool's host city submission.


GP will probably host a warm up game or something if England is chosen.


I was disappointed that Goodison was not submitted for the Olympics.

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Russia is expected to be England's biggest rival for the 2018 prize, with Spain/Portugal, the United States and Qatar also among the candidates.


Here in the lowlands they have us believing the Holland/Belgium bid has a good chance at getting the WC and it isn't even mentioned in the BBC article.


Personally all I care about is that it's held in a country that is more or less in the same timezone as I'm in.

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If Qatar get it then it will be one hell of a show. They have more money than sense, the only problem is that they would be the worst football nation to ever host a World Cup and would probably get annihalated in each game. Having said that it'd be quality entertainment. :P

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