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Hi everybody. I would like to introduce myself.


My name is Yurlyageni, I was born in Nigeria, a small coastal village-nation in west Africa.


I was not makking the scam e-mails that have tainted my country's recent history, they are very bad men.


But Everton FC are good men. I like Yakubu the best, but also the other players like Arteta, Cahill, Jags and Bily.


Tim Howard scares me. I also do not like Liverpool FC, which is good because you guys don't either. Steven Gerrard is a bad man.


I am liking this forum.

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Detective MikeO,


I didn't think Apple was a name, but Hollywood changed all that.


Yurlyageni is my name. I am excited to be here in Tasmania. It is beautiful place. Tim Cahill was born here.


I also munch toffee much times.

Cahill was born in Sydney. Is this Reg reincarnated?




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Hi Mr. ToffeeMuncher, sir.


I have very well proposal for you! Over $11.2m USD has come into my possession through the liquidisation of a Oil companies here in Nigeria. I must need to remove this fastly from Nigeria before the Government men come to put tax on it! I will give you 15% of this sum if you would allow me the use of your foreign bank account to get my monies out of africa. Please help me by sending me your banking details and the deal will be completed soon.




Mr. Highly Politically Incorrect.

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