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No Money For Signings In January

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Thats excluding player sales, lets be honest Johny will probably move on for a decent fee of 8 mill? Donovan on loan and a striker in is my thoughts, plus Peanuts could go for around 2.5 mill...


I can see a couple of loan signings coming in with a view to sign in the summer when we get the first windfall from this new sponsorship deal :unsure:

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Arr, me hearties!


"Fear nothing this is captain Kenwright speaking, don't you worry about nothing, i'm steadying the ship just as I have since we left kings dock. Pay no attention to those cruisers sailing on past, I am currently throwing the fixtures and fittings into the fire to get us moving. I'm currently in the engine room with Seaman Green asking him if he will let me use some of the steam off his piss. Remember, we ain't sunk yet, we've got a fair bit to throw into the fire before that will happen, plus i'm on to the lifeguard 24/7 to see if he will let me use his boat and still be captain"

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Just been listening to Radio City on the way home and Moysie was on saying that we have no money for signings in the transfer window, not that its a surprise. :angry:


So we can forget about all these names being linked in the papers, unless of course we manage to talk Donovan into another quick stint in blue


That could have been any November/ December interview Moyes has done since he has been manager. They probably just dig the same original out knowing he will be saying the same old stuff.

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We really shouldn't be in a position where we can't spend anything before selling a player, we should be able to have some sort of transfer kitty without selling first! It's fair enough to have to sell someone to bring a player in if you've already brought in a player or two, I think we could all understand that, but this situation? Pathetic.

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