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All The Best

Jimmy the blue

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Just popped in to wish you all the very best for Christmas and New Year, my health is picking up so who knows one day I may just start posting again. I won't discus the blues at present as it may just tempt fate this afternoon.


Quick one for you


An easy breakdown of how the Irish economy was cured


by video




or by story


A German billionaire arrives in a small Irish town and parks his BMW outside the local hotel. He enters the hotel to be greeted by the owner. The German says that he wishes to stay in the area but he would first like to check each bedroom before deciding if he's to stay at this hotel. As proof of his intention he gives the landlord a E100 note saying that if he was satisfied after his inspection then he could retain the money. The landlord agrees and the German begins his inspection.


At this point the landlord takes the 100 euro note and rushes off to see his butcher. He gives him the note saying he has now settled his bill in full. The butcher takes the note and gives to the pig farmer again telling him he had settled his bill in full. The pig farmer then takes the note and pays his supplier at the local farmers cooperative paying his debt in full. The boss of the coop takes the bill to the pub and pays off his bar debt. the publican then gives it to the local prostitute for services rendered. She takes the bill back to the hotel as she owes 100 euros for use of rooms. At this point the German was just completing his inspection, he tells the landlord that the accommodation is not suitable picks the bill and leaves.....................everyone gets paid without doing anything extra.........................I'm moving to Ireland ha ha ha

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