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Greetings Toffees!


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Hello supports of Everton how are you people doing? My name is Chris and I am a supporter of F.C. Barcelona. And I have the softest touch for Everton F.C. for a long time. In fact, I seen them beat Liverpool 2-0 in the stadium. Not the only one, I only seen the Merseyside Derby three times. But only in Goodison park. Let me show you!

  • 2005-06 EPL: Everton vs Liverpool 1-3
  • 2007-08 EPL: Everton vs Liverpool 1-2
  • 2010-11 EPL: Everton vs Liverpool 2-0 (yea my first Merseyside win :blink:)

good thing about my latest derby meeting is that in this game it was a win+clean sheet! And I go with my father once often. Not always. And IMO probably my last one for a long time, I'm guessing for 4-6 years? :D Anyways I DO NOT support Everton but I hope I at least get accepted into this forum because sometimes I like to talk about this club a lot. Constructive criticism (but I suck at it), and many other things.

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Welcome Beast. Good to see you on our forum.


I do have a lot of sympathy for your team (Barcelona) After all they only hve the likes of Messi, Iniesta, and so on to play for them, we have the mighty Hibbert and other greats of the modern game........... :lol::lol:


Must admit of the Spanish clubs Barca is the one I prefer.


(Can't stand RM... And nobody has broken Ronaldo's leg yet... so whats going on? :angry: )



Can we have Messi on loan by the way? :D

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