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Fifa 06

Total Toffee

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had a bit of a footy game feast at the week end.

played fifa 06, pro evo 4, and pro evo 5.

i am a fifa fan, but i thought fifa 06 was better than pro evo 5, but i thought pro evo 4 was better than them both, so quite disapointed about pro evo 5 tbh. but i like the look of fifa, everything on the screen looks good, 10/10 for presentation

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i got the game, and i always get fired from the top clubs (4 n a half - 5 stars[efc included!])


which neva happened on 05


but 05 was way to easy


aint played Pro Evo5 yet

I too keep getting fired from the top clubs - regardless of whether or not I win!


that bit is really shit.


Although game play is well better than Fifa 05 - its starting to get up to Pro evo's standard - soon it will have better graphics and just as good gameplay - making it the better football game...


graphics and sound on Pro Evo are turd!

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Same im on ps2 but i am seriously considering gettin a xbox and getting it chipped so i can download my own games for free. Hopefully get 1 for xmas and xbox live aswell. Is xbox live as good as every1 says?


I think you will find that if you have downloaded games with the xbox then they will not work with Xbox live.


Have a PS2 and a xbox.


Have got Pro Evo 5 on xbox. I like pro Evo however also enjoyed Fifa when i played it but not as much as Pro Evo 5. I like the advances on 5. Things like you don't have stop the game if you getting booked for a foul. It will play on if advantage given and then come back to give you a booking. Also same as with players being injured. on 4 if a player was injured it would be a foul now again advantage will be played and also get injured without being a foul.

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