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Ze German's Want Moyes

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Everton boss David Moyes is a shock target for wealthy German club Hoffenheim.


Moyes tops a shortlist of candidates for the manager’s job at the ambitious Bundesliga outfit, who are looking to recruit in the summer.


Hoffenheim’s owner Dietmar Hopp is among the richest men in Europe and could find it easy to lure Moyes, increasingly disillusioned at the lack of transfer funds on Merseyside




Read more: http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/news/Hoffenheim-are-interested-in-luring-Everton-s-David-Moyes-to-Germany-article711078.html#ixzz1FnSmXr9G

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From The Mirror...

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Ive another dodgy plan, big bet on Moyes going, thats worth a few quid. Then we'd also get compo from the Krauts too. Put all that on Moyes being the 1st manager out of work in Germany. He then says 'im homesick i miss Everton' he leaves were quids in and Alan Stubbs gets a few games as stand in manager to prepare him for the future! If only.....

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I'm with Romey on this, to me he has never come across as having the intelligence to become a successful manager. I was surprised when he was brought onto the coaching staff. I could be wrong and he may know everything there is to know about management.

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however, i do think Moyes will be gone in the summer,i don't think he will stand for another window of no money, and the prospect of having to sell one or two of an already thin squad so that he can bring in others. hence the recent stories of investment, i think are one of BK's famous smokescreens to make it look as though he is trying to back Moyes, just odd the way the story comes out at exactly the time of the season when fans are gunning for BK's head, but something tells me that this time Moyes isn't going to put up with it anymore, not sure what, we will have to wait and see i guess

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Stubbs wants to be a manager


"Somewhere down the line I'd like to go into management, but it is all about timing.


"I need to make sure my first club is the right one - I don't want it to be the last one.


"I played at a high level, but I didn't realise how naive I was about coaching and management - there are things that I have done here that I wouldn't have thought about as a player."



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Haha im worried now that ive stumbled onto something here, purely by mistake might i add, anyone fancy putting a few quid on it now! By the way what the hell were you doing up that early Louis?

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