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Being written off again


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Great Stuff, I hope they all write us off again


They were all saying favourites for the drop last year


Although Im not really arsed if arsenhole vvenger doesn't mention our name, what he ever won :angry:


The other story from the fat knob RS Alan Green annoys me though, fair enough, have your oppinion, but thats just nasty.


ALL these punits/hangers on of the game all kiss the arse of the top 3/4, they've all got an opinion, but it no better or more well informed than mine


I hope this fires us up for the rest of the season to stick two fingers up to the vultures

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Guest HorsinAround

After Evertons unimpressive start to the season, I nailed my season ticket to the club gates in disgust. I then had a change of heart and went back for it - and some bastard had nicked the nail.

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