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Can you help please?


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Hi Never been on before but hoping you can help me.


My hubby is a huge Everton fan and used to travel up from Birmingham (Where we are) every home game to watch the matches. He travelled with the west mids supporters group until a family member was attacked and needed lots of help so he couldn't travel quite so often, then due to work commitments and 2 kids he just didn't have the time. Now everything is sorted I'm getting him tickets for the Wigan game for his birthday to try and get him out the house ... I mean rekindle the passion! However, I haven't got a clue which stand is "the best". As a season ticket holder myself at another prem team I prefer the stand behind the goal as it's got the best atmosphere and most passionate fans but please can you give me your opinions/advise. Clearly I'll give the suprise away if I ask him!


Hope someone can help - thanks!

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If he wants to go behind the goal then Gwladys Street or Park End. If he wishes to go alongside the game then the Main Stand. Try not to get a ticket for restricted view as he will be put behind a support or something and will have to crane his neck to see.


I hope he enjoys the surprise, and gets out of the house his passion back.

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Save your money, and show him this site:




Never miss a match again in his life, and you get your hair done.


Bingo. tongue.png


Hope he loves the Wigan match.


lol. I'm a p2p.eu junkie; I have to be since I live in the States. I hope to make a trip to England soon so I can see the glorious Toffees in person. COYB!

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