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Preston North End


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i live in preston and yes train is the best way;


Preston station is around a mile and a half from the ground and takes around twenty five minutes to walk, although you will pass some good pubs on the way. Leave the Preston railway station via the main entrance, and head right at the top of the drive. This is the main High Street. Continue along the High Street, passing all the regular big name shops. Some good pubs and eateries can be found down side streets off the High Street, so if you have time, take a look. Try the Old Black Bull, and Academy, the later being about the last place on the High Street that will allow away supporters before you get to Deepdale. Colours are not recommended around town. The High Street (or Church Street/Fishergate as it's known) is about a mile long, and you will pass a church and a bike shop as you come to its end. Simply carry on walking along this street, and when you reach the ring road, you head straight over the large traffic lights, heading towards a pub called the County Arms opposite the prison. Turn left along the road here passing the County Arms (which is not recommended for away supporters) and continue along Deepdale road. On the left is Tom Finney sports bar, a home fans only pub, but if you have no colours you may get in. The ground is now another half mile in a straight line along this road.

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hopefully we can sign david nugent after the game. i quite rate this player.


big strong fast has a good free kick and scores for fun.... and the icing on the cake hes only 21 and is an evertonian.


'i want to get to the premiership with preston but want to win it with Everton' david nugent

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i must while in preston is sampling some rather tasty foods


in the centre there is a cheese mongers were you have to pick up some creamy lancs cheese its heaven


also a must parched peas with vinger mmmm mmmm mmmm heaven


(i have family who live there so i am a visiter a fair bit)

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