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Football scandal in Sweden

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I have a soft spot for a swedish team called Djurgården in Stockholm. They play in the top flight in Sweden and have had great players including Stefan Rehn, thobias Hysen, Kim Källström, Andreas Isaksson etc etc.


Yesterday the manager quit after 3 so called supporters came to the training ground and threatened him due to the poor start to the league. (1 point in 4 games)


They also have one started match that they need to replay with one goal down due to the game being called of as the oppositions goalie was hit by a pear and a plastic bottle during the game.


We have a massive problem in Stockholm with these so called supporters, not just my team but also Hammarby and AIK have a history of supporters showing up at the training ground to deliver threats. There has also been dead pigs left outside training grounds etc.


Anders Limpar did the forbidden and left AIK to play for Djurgården and his night club burned down to the ground.


Only one (but one too many) supporter has been killed in a fight between supporters but there are regular arranged mass fights between rival teams.


I cant remember a manager leaving a club in England due to threats? Are there any cases?


How did england get rid of their hooligan culture? Is nets around the pitch a solution for all the items thrown onto the pitch?


The clubs in Stockholm have to pay the police force at every game. This is something that does not happen outside of Stockholm. This is killing the clubs finances and an unfair advantage to the teams outside of Stockholm.

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I'd hate to have nets around the pitch, it would mean I was getting punished for something some moron has done in the past. I don't actually know how hooliganism was stopped in the UK as it was in its peak before I was born.


I think that only way to stop the training ground breach is to tighten security. The club surely has enough money in reserve to build a high wall and put some security guards patrolling.

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I don't actually know how hooliganism was stopped in the UK as it was in its peak before I was born.

Nailed it. People are scared of you.


I think it was the introduction of all seater stadium (or at least having an allocated space in the stadium), your personal details collected by the club when buying tickets and CCTV recording the crowd during games so if anything happens you are held to account.

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England still has a hooligan element. Ok it's not as prominent as years back, but some Idiots still take it upon themselves, or seem to insist, they have a license for mayhem and disorder. Some people just can't help themselves


CCTV was operative in (British) stadia before the Taylor Report also, if I read that correctly. (been a long day in my defense) Damn tired

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