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Double Mudder for The Christie Hospital


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Hi Folks,


Just a thread to highlight a cause.


A band of friends are aiming to raise money for the Christie Hospital, in response to one of our friends, finding out that his mother has rare and aggressive type of cancer (late stage too). The family have been hit pretty hard with the news and the friend in question, has been understandably, upset and not in a very 'good place'.


To show some support, I rallied the group and suggested that we do something, to show that we're here to support him and the family. The lads have decided to partake in Tough Mudder, but not just participate in it the once but twice, on consecutive days; all in the name of raising money for the Christie's (the hospital in which his mum is being treated).


I'm not asking for mass donations or even any at all, if you can just take the time to look through the justgiving page I created, read the story or follow the links (it may inspire people to do similar).

If you can spare a couple of £, that would be fantastic, if not, that's also cool.




I'm unable to do the run, excluded on medical grounds, so I have to do my bit(s). I am the admin and fundraiser, and i'm trying to get the message as far as possible. Only yesterday, Everton's Darron Gibson RT'd my message after branching out.


If you could donate, the guys would really appreciate it, if not, it's no bother.


Thank you all for your time,



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Great thing to be doing Jaime, hope you make heaps of dosh mate. Feel for your mate and his mum, a lot of the time it's harder for those close to cope than it is for the "patient" in all honesty! Amazing what can be done with modern treatments though so hopefully she'll pull through it.

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