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Hello Again My Blue Bud's !11


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Sorry i have been gone so long folks , spyware fooked my comp over yet again and its took me ages to get it proper sorted .


Hows things peeps , Malaysia was heaven on earth ( a'la Belinda Carlisle ) and i didnt wanna come home and my comp being fooked over by the virus didnt help my cause .


What have i missed ??????????????? Evertons recent revival . AVDM ripping all and sundry , Davey Weir keeping Kroldrup out of the side ( :lol: ) , 7 points out of 9 :lol: .


Good days but with every silver lining there is a cloud and i hope i'am not ours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. its good to be back amongst friends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

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If moving a few places off the bottom of the Premiership is what Everton fans call "good days", then i'd hate to see the bad days :D

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Seeing bluenoses on here getting carried away just because they've moved a few places off the bottom of the Premiership really is hillarious... :D

Try winning the Champions league for once and then you'll know the true meaning of "good days" :D

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