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Oh Shit...


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I dont think this is a good idea at the weekend but when Nace first signed and was full of confidence a massive part of his game was getting forward and swinging in crosses. He was high on confidence and even popped up with a few goals this could re invent him because he is at a serious low point at the moment.


Peterborough is the game to try it out tho not the Derby especially with Stevie La plaing right mid these days!

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FUK Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo...!!!


Been there done that as they say.


Ever seen Gary Play in MF?


Furk me....Send out the search party now he will be lost for months.


Also note the amount of times he runs in circles...going no where & achieveing nothing...but freeky crop circles.


This is up right there with yay let's play a back 3 @ Chelsea & get funkin tonked.

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gary had a good game against spurs. he seems to be back to full fitness after last season which wasnst good.


lets see how he performs.



He did have a good game Java, I thought he was MOTM, HOWEVER that was playing left back, theres no way he is a left sided midfielder!!


We ballsed up big time, we should have got someone in for the left, even before killa was leaving we where short so why not give that buckley ago?

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