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How Much?

Romey 1878

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Poor bastard, Michael Ballack was having a moan about the house prices in London village and theat he is struggling to buy somewhere, despite his 130K a week wages.


Maybe the house prices in merseyside a a bit less, so dont feel our Aj is out of pocket

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Dont quote me but I thought he was on about's 35k with a few bonus clauses veesavee the whole season...Which then if he keeps it up..well would blow his wages north.


And here is damn well hoping we end up paying him 50k a week after a 35 goal season :)




I dont think anyone at the club is on more than 35 grand a week so your probably right pat .


P.S. i read in the paper that Michael Bollox wage of 130 grand a week could get him a 30 million pound mortgage in London .


Oh my fookin heart bleeds !!!!!!!!!! :angry:

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